What our customers think…

//What our customers think…

What our customers think…

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“I don’t know why every physical therapist does not have this.”     -Anon., PA

“We feel as though our patients/athletes primarily benefit from implementation of the mTrigger post surgically in order to enhance quad tone as well as strength and speed of contraction following inhibition caused by surgery. Patients also benefit from the feedback when performing exercises that require terminal knee extension. Younger patients as well as our high school and college athletes respond well to the components of competition the games provide while teaching them how to better contract specific muscle groups. Patients are always prompting therapists to raise goals and trying to obtain at least 90% success within the games. The mTrigger system has brought a fun and physically exhausting element to our post surgical rehabilitation techniques. Thanks mTrigger!”     – Sean, ID

“As a practice owner and clinician with 9 years experience, I cannot say enough positive things about the mTrigger Biofeedback System.  The greatest impact on our clinic has been patient satisfaction and overall experience with the system.  Patients are more engaged in the rehab process and able to achieve quicker results with the visual feedback training.  Contractions are held longer and stronger, endurance is built quicker, and a more positive experience is encountered by the patient as opposed to traditional physical therapy and exercise.  I would recommend the mTrigger Biofeedback System to any and all physical therapy practices.  What a great tool!”     -Tim, ID

“The mTrigger increases the patients’ motivation and is a more interactive way to keep the patients on track. It helps educate patients on proper firing and relaxation by providing a visual target that supports what you want them to do.”     – Kelly, NE

“The mTrigger Biofeedback devices have been an exciting new resource for us, especially with our post-operative patients. Patients that have experienced the mTrigger device have welcomed this new technology with open arms. Many of these patients have been excited to see their progress visually after a surgery and watch their improvements and strength gains grow over the course of their physical therapy. This technology will help us to provide unmatched orthopedic and sports physical therapy to our patients.”     -Thomas, TX

“The mTrigger is a great tool to help me as a clinician better treat my patients. The neuromuscular feedback the device provided was extremely beneficial, especially when working with an orthopedic, post-operative patient population. I would recommend this device to any clinician looking for ways to improve their patient care and to improve feedback for their patients.”     – Benny, NY

“mTrigger has made a significant impact on our practice and outcomes. The mTrigger is applicable for all ages and a multitude of diagnoses from neuropathy to post-operative shoulder and knee patients. We have had great responses from patients stating how easy it is to use and how much harder they push themselves as a result of having visual feedback.”     -Joe, PA

“My athletes hate me more than ever because they actually have to do what they’re supposed to be doing.”     – Mark, MD

“The mTrigger gives you more of a workout [than just electrical stimulation]. It actually shows you how you’re doing and lets you know if you are doing it right, whereas the e-stim just does it for you. I felt it was more beneficial for me to use the mTrigger since it was letting me know if my quad was actually firing or not. It was easier for me to have a visual cue than just believing that I was contracting my quad.”     – Kyle, NE

“This is the first time that I’ve really felt my quads working during this exercise and the first time I’ve been aware of how to fire them.”     -Ray, NY


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