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Biofeedback Device for Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a critical form of healthcare for people at various stages of life. Whether your clients are recovering from an injury or physical ailment, or bolstering their health during retirement, the outcomes of physical therapy impact long-term quality of life. Naturally, then, physical therapists aim to conduct therapy efficiently and effectively. mTrigger’s sEMG biofeedback system for physical therapy helps you do just that, making it an affordable and impactful addition to any physical therapy program.

Our biofeedback system provides instant muscle activation data for physical therapists and their clients via surface electromyography (sEMG) instrumentation. Accurate voluntary activation of muscles during repetitive therapeutic exercise leads to positive rehabilitation outcomes. Biofeedback helps to reinforce proper muscle recruitment patterns, so patients have an increased probability of achieving perfection with every rep. mTrigger’s biofeedback device for physical therapy provides a measurable visual indicator for physical therapists and clients during therapy.

Biofeedback also makes therapy sessions more engaging and challenging. Clients can train, play games, and track performance easily with the mTrigger biofeedback system. mTrigger is a tool clinicians can use to assign and measure against goals, customize feedback to each patient’s program, and actively engage clients during recovery. mTrigger offers a modern mobile interface for sEMG biofeedback, making it easy to control and connect with patient data in real time. mTrigger also incorporates gamification of physical therapy sessions, which empowers clients to realize moments of success and gauge their progress during treatment.

It is important to note that our biofeedback device is part of your existing treatment program—you’re the expert, and we’re here to give you a boost. mTrigger enables physical therapists to guide their clients toward ownership of their body and its ability to recover. By emphasizing their own control over their neuromuscular system during therapy sessions, mTrigger helps patients improve the mind-body connection, supporting safe, long-term functional movement. A deeper understanding of their performance helps them—and you—to recognize progress as well as limitations to achieve desired outcomes. mTrigger’s biofeedback device for physical therapy empowers clients and can increase satisfaction from every session. The data gleaned from our real-time display allows for more targeted and efficient therapy, as well as increased motivation. By showing where there is room for improvement in activation and inhibition, mTrigger helps you make the most out of every rep.


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