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Biofeedback Device for Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is instrumental in recovery from injury and adjusting to illness or disability. The ability to perform everyday tasks is likely compromised under such circumstances, and proper occupational therapy is critical to long-term recovery. Biofeedback devices for occupational therapy can increase the efficiency of treatment when used in conjunction with traditional occupational therapy methods. mTrigger designed a simple yet effective biofeedback system that is easy to set up and works with any smart mobile device. With our system, view real-time data on muscular activity during a client’s therapeutic exercises. The visual interface allows for both occupational therapist and patient to see progress and areas for improvement during a therapy session.

Our biofeedback system allows for the monitoring of muscle activation data during both gross and fine motor movements. We use this visual representation as both informant and motivation for patients as they perform voluntary muscular activities with our system. Even when they may not feel like they are seeing results, the display of their performance via the biofeedback device during occupational therapy may show the patient otherwise. By showing progress in volitional control over the activation of their muscles, mTrigger helps OT patients become accustomed to the “new normal” of how their neuromotor system functions. Occupational therapists will be able to pinpoint specific target muscles and movements to elicit optimal levels of muscle activation, enabling them to identify more effective programs for their patients.

Repetition is integral to the recovery process, and biofeedback devices used with occupational therapy allow more efficient and enjoyable training sessions for both patients and therapists. By setting specific goals and having audiovisual targets, we can focus more on progress and achievements during the long therapeutic process. Our patients will ultimately become more familiar with their bodies over time and regain functions they thought may have been lost. Reach out to our team to learn more about our biofeedback device and how it might help your occupational therapy patients.


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