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Engage in rehabilitation with the mTrigger® Biofeedback System. mTrigger uses surface electromyography (sEMG)-based instrumentation to measure the electrical activity produced by target muscle groups during physical rehabilitation. Set the max voluntary contraction goal for the target muscle(s) so that a voluntary effort is required during each rep of contraction or relaxation. Increase compliance and engagement via custom settings, training, play, and progress tracking on our easy-to-use mobile platform. Audiovisual feedback in the mTrigger mobile app provide real-time data to help patients achieve efficient neuromuscular re-education and put value in every rep. mTrigger makes therapeutic exercise effective, engaging, and fun.

This single biofeedback unit + accessories bundle allows you to start small in-clinic, or is a great way to get patients using the system in their own home! Take advantage of the true mobility of the mTrigger Biofeedback System with this option.

The mTrigger Individual Unit + Accessories includes:

  • 1 mTrigger Biofeedback unit
  • 2 sensing cables
  • 5 pouches mTrigger Sensing Electrodes (4 electrodes per pouch)
  • 1 mobile device stand
  • 1 wall charger

10 reviews for mTrigger® Biofeedback System – Individual Unit

  1. Bryan Frapp (verified owner)

    This has been a great purchase for our clinic. Patients have enjoyed the feedback and as a diagnostic and therapeutic treatment tool you can’t get any better! Very portable and easy to use with the Bluetooth capabilities. The games available on the App Store make it fun for patients as well! We will be purchasing more units for our clinics!

  2. moweryrehab (verified owner)

    Great and helpful unit

  3. jgromes2 (verified owner)

    This unit has been helpful to teach patients the meaning of full quad contraction in multiple positions and during different exercises.

  4. Jeffrey Fernandez (verified owner)

    The mTrigger has been a great tool in our clinic!! I work in a pediatric setting and the games have made the exercises fun for our patients. Additionally, we’ve used the neuromuscular deficit test to assess differences in muscle activation between limbs. Would highly recommend!!

  5. ryan vinson (verified owner)

    Not your fathers EMG! This thing is great patient compliance and results have been off of the chart!

  6. scott (verified owner)

    MTrigger has allowed my clients to dial in the activation of specific muscles prior to starting their workout routines. This has helped them become more laser focused on the brain/muscle connection.

  7. Isaac Carling (verified owner)

    Great item to get engagement from the younger patient population with the app and games controlled by muscle activation. Really fun and effective way to improve volitional control of a muscle!

  8. szymon.brainpc (verified owner)

    We love this device at our clinic. It’s not perfect but definitely worth the cost.
    Out of the box it was so easy to set up. Pairing with Bluetooth proved to be so easy! Switching between devices is a breeze as well.
    App is lacking some functionality(a way to save results as a separate file for each patient would be wonderful, also paired with the ability to access the comparison with previous sessions to assess progress, etc.).
    Overall I would definitely recommend this device to anyone who wants to see accurate readings, while enjoying the portability and ease of use.

  9. Lance gonzales (verified owner)

    I’m a CPT and I’ve been using it to get more info from my clients involving muscle balance as well as teaching further isolation of a specific muscle over the secondary. The visual effect really helps in understanding.

  10. David Adelman (verified owner)

    Love mtrigger. What a great addition to our other biofeedback devices such as motion guidance. We airplay the tablet screen to our clinic TV and all our patients watch it in awe. Have had no issues at all to this point . Looking forward to what this company comes up with next !

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