mTrigger: Advanced Clinical Applications for Shoulder [WEBINAR RECORDING]

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Shoulder rehabilitation is a common process for many therapists, with its own unique challenges and opportunities. Hear directly from PT Russ Paine (Director of Sports Medicine Rehab at UT Physicians, Houston, TX; Career Service Award, ASMI 2009; Sports PT Hall of Fame inductee, 2018) and Dr. Phil Page (Research Director, Fran U DPT Program, Baton Rouge, LA; Lifetime Excellence in Education Award, AASPT) about how they assess and treat common shoulder pathologies using mTrigger to achieve proper activation, inhibition, and neuromuscular re-education with every rep. See application examples, hands-on assessments, and real-life demonstrations of the mTrigger Biofeedback System in action from these experts in shoulder rehab. Don’t miss out!

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