WEBINAR RECORDING: The Role of Multi-Vector Resistance in Functional Rehab

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Original air date: Wednesday, December 8th at 1pm EST

Dr. Jim Wagner OTD, CSCS and Seth Forman MEd, CSCS of KayeZen VECTOR discuss the role of resistance training from multiple vectors in a clinical setting. See their tactics for increasing strength without adding resistance to target muscles; integrating target areas with the core to improve transfer of strength; and promoting functional strength.

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Dr. Jim Wagner, OTD, CSCS
has 27 years of clinical experience
and is credentialed in physical agent modalities. He is currently team leader of the Guthrie Hand Center and an adjunct professor at Keuka and Ithaca College occupational therapy programs.
Seth Forman, M.Ed., CSCS
is the Head of Education for KayeZen VECTOR, and also maintains his own training and consulting business with his background in coaching
and martial arts training. 








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