Podcast: mTrigger Biofeedback in an Everyday Sports Practice with Russ Paine and Chris Gallina

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Today I am joined by Russ Paine and Chris Gallina of UT Physicians Sports Medicine Rehab in Houston, Texas.

Russ is one of our mTrigger biofeedback co-founders as well as the Director of Rehabilitation at UT Physicians in Houston, Texas. Russ has been recognized on a national level in sports medicine education and in 2018 he was inducted into the Sports Physical Therapy Hall of Fame. Throughout his career, Russ has served as a rehabilitation consultant for the Houston Astros, Houston Rockets, and NASA. Currently he devotes his time to research, education, and maintaining a busy sports medicine clinical practice.

Chris Gallina received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Nazareth University and joined Russ in Houston 4 years ago. Chris’s clinical interests include the knee, shoulder, return to sport training, and golf.

Today, I talk with Russ and Chris about how they have incorporated mTrigger biofeedback into their busy sports clinical practice.

Key Take Aways

  • “We use the mTrigger on almost every single knee patient that comes in.” – Russ
  • Don’t overlook the neuromuscular deficit test function.
  • When patients SEE their activation levels, they are receiving greater benefit from the treatment/exercise.
  • Performing a backward single leg hop is more quad dominant than a forward single leg hop and a good way to look at quad activation levels.
  • Try using the slow-motion feature on your camera in addition to mTrigger biofeedback to help to break down patients’ functional movements and their corresponding activation levels.
  • A minimal amount (if any) biofeedback is being taught in schools; we hope to change that.


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In this discussion, we talk how Russ and Chris are integrating mTrigger biofeedback into their general sports practice and what some of the main benefits they have seen from using biofeedback. Then we explore some of the fun, creative ways they use mTrigger biofeedback to clinically look at different movements such as cutting, landing, or a golf swing. Finally, Chris chats about how his opinion of biofeedback has changed over the years from what he learned in school to what he sees in the clinic everyday with Russ.


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