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mTrigger Biofeedback at NATA 2022

Athletes can benefit greatly from biofeedback intervention. sEMG biofeedback, such as the mTrigger Biofeedback System, helps monitor muscle activation to help athletes train for improved performance.

With real-time muscle activation data during exercise, ATs can more effectively train target muscles to improve their athletes’ performance. With mTrigger, you can easily diagnose muscle activation and recruitment issues, quantify functional gains, increase effort during exercise, and assess return to sport readiness with built-in protocols and games.

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Biofeedback training allows you to:

You’re in control

Real-time data leads to strength and control gains

sEMG biofeedback enables deeper understanding and control of the body. Tap into your athletes’ competitive nature with visual rewards and gamification. See where deficits are affecting performance, and zero in on critical target areas.

mTrigger is portable, so whether it’s in the gym or on the road, you’ll have the tools to assess and train effectively wherever you are.

With mTrigger, you can optimize performance; build strength and volitional control with long lasting functional effects; and make adjustments to exercise programs to get fast, safe results. Reach out to our team of experts to learn more about how the mTrigger Biofeedback System would benefit your team.

List of professional sports organizations that use mTrigger

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