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As a new user of biofeedback, we understand the first few times using it with a patient can seem overwhelming. To simplify the endless possibilities of mTrigger biofeedback, we have created a Process Chart and Decision Making Tree to help you out. 

This Process Chart demonstrates the steps experienced mTrigger biofeedback users seamlessly go through when using biofeedback with their patients. This link will let you take a look at step little more in depth. 



The mTrigger Decision Tree is a step by step walk through of the decision making process when using biofeedback. This breaks down the process even further and aims to help providers hone in on their goal and dial in the set up. The Decision Tree starts by identifying the goal, selecting an exercise, then identifying the appropriate target muscle or muscles. From there, it walks you through channels, electrode set up, and setting your MVC goal. Finally, you’re ready to TRAIN!


To further demonstrate the process, this video highlights each of these Decision Tree steps in action. It provides further elaboration on the process and offers examples to match each step. If you are a visual learner, this video will open your eyes to the simple set up and endless possibilities mTrigger biofeedback can offer to you and your patients.



Making decision when using mTrigger biofeedback just got easier with this Process Chart and Decision Tree. To help providers clinically rationalize through their exercise selection, choice target muscle, and biofeedback set up, we have created these resource just for you. Biofeedback has endless possibilities with all patient populations across physical therapy, occupational therapy, stroke rehab, athletic training, sports performance and much more. These resources will help you simplify the process and improve your clinical decision making. 



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