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Biofeedback, rebooted.

Engage muscles & mind for faster functional outcomes

mTrigger is a visual sEMG biofeedback system that monitors muscle activation levels during exercise for improved performance and rehab outcomes. Therapists, trainers, and patients of all kinds can benefit greatly from incorporating surface EMG.

From strength training to injury prevention, easily identify muscle activation and recruitment issues with the mTrigger mobile app. Real-time exercise data and built-in games allow you to train target muscles more effectively and accurately to improve performance.

mTrigger’s versatile, affordable mobile interface puts the power of better engagement in the palm of your hand.

How does mTrigger benefit its users?

sEMG biofeedback training offers benefits such as:

Real-time data leads to strength and control gains

Check out these protocols using mTrigger as part of common rehab programs


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