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Your expertise gets outcomes – that’s why your patients come to you. But are your patients getting the most out of your expertise? Do your tools and methods increase the value of time spent working?

At mTrigger, our technology has been designed by PTs, for PTs, and we’ve been on the ground learning what exactly that means since we hit the market. We’ve always aimed to provide a tool that is easy to use, cost-effective, and makes your job easier. With feedback from innovative practitioners across the country, this is what we’ve learned.

YOU KNOW that…

  1. Time is value
    Your time, your patients’ time, time in clinic, time at home – all of this is spent working towards a common goal. You constantly strive to maintain the quality of the time you spend with your patients, help them get back to functionality faster, and use tools and techniques that make every visit – and the time between – efficient and effective.
  2. Patient understanding is key to outcomes
    If patients don’t understand why performing an exercise is important, or how to perform it accurately, the connection between performance, progress, and outcomes breaks down. Communicating effectively and consistently about goals and real-time performance provides an immediate incentive, thus producing better outcomes as a result of increased comprehension and effort.
  3. Simple, updated tools are a must
    You multitask and so should your toolkit – no case is one-solution-fits-all. You adapt, improvise, and innovate, along with leaning on tried and true techniques in order to create solutions for your patients. You want to provide the best for them without making things complicated or costly. You want to offer what works, whether that’s modern tech or old school know-how.

WE SHOW that…

  1. Time is value through…
    2-minute setup
    Ease of implementation
    Constant feedback
    Built in protocols (coming soon)
  2. Patient understanding is key to outcomes through…
    Helping you teach patients what ideal performance feels like – physically and emotionally
    Motivating patients in real time and showing progress
    Encouraging voluntary neuromuscular reeducation, which drives functional activity
  3. Simple, updated tools are a must through…
    Offering a new system built for versatile applications
    Making your clinic stand out without breaking the bank
    Delivering proven methods with a modern edge

We know you want results. So we aren’t here to reinvent the wheel – we’re here to bring you the wheel without charging you for the car. The mTrigger system takes that which moves you and your patients forward – efficient communication, clear data, proven technique – and puts it in the palm of your hand at a fraction of the cost of other systems.

Click below for a 5-minute read from DPT Mike Lurvey and his thoughts on the value mTrigger brings to the table:


Want to learn more? Get in touch here to request info, schedule a web demonstration, or ask us a question that gets you closer to getting results with mTrigger!

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