Biofeedback & BFR – “A beautiful combination”

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We hear great ideas all the time, but we’ve been feeling the pressure to share one trend we’ve seen lately in particular…

Layering mTrigger visual biofeedback and neuromuscular re-education with blood flow restriction training is one of the most innovative ways top therapists are getting results. Learn about specific exercises for different target muscles, and get the insider scoop from Johnny Owens of Owens Recovery Science. These applications have been vetted by the pros, and you can start using them today!

Be sure to also check out Mike Reinold’s podcast episode on BFR to get his thoughts on the matter: “Two things we’ve been using a lot more recently in our postoperative patients are biofeedback and blood flow restriction training – anything we can do to restore strength and neuromuscular control as soon as possible after surgery is extremely beneficial to the patient.”

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