Addressing Muscle Atrophy in Post-op Knee Patients

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Muscle atrophy is a hurdle all musculoskeletal injuries can bring about. Understanding the cause of and options to work against atrophy is absolutely critical to deciding on an effective recovery path for patients. Above, Russ Paine, PT and Dr. Kevin Wilk discuss:

  • Type I & II muscle fiber changes
  • Impact of lack of volitional contraction
  • Decreased oxidative enzymes, mitochondria, and ATP activity
  • Reduction in slow twitch and fast twitch activation capabilities
  • Fiber loss differences for post-op ACL patients
  • Biofeedback addressing cortical energy and spinal cord reflexes
  • Biofeedback research vs EMS
  • Why it’s important to recruit slow twitch fibers 1st


To view the webinar in its entirety, CLICK HERE.


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