App Update Release – March 2019

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This is your notice to officially consider the mTrigger app new and improved! As we constantly learn from our customers about how to provide a better product, we are thrilled to bring you these updates, and have even more in the works. Simply DOWNLOAD THE UPDATE from the Apple App Store to enjoy the feature updates outlined below:

  1. Improved Settings page
    We’ve made it easier to adjust the goal and added a setting called goal match that allows you to ensure your goals for Channel 1 and 2 are the same, in case you’re comparing bilaterally.
    Go to the Play module to access Trail Blazer as well as two new games, Muscle Ball and Flex Sledding. All games are available for free download from the App Store. These new games incorporate visually engaging environments, different play perspectives, and dual channel and difficulty options to keep things interesting. We’re planning on releasing even more games this summer, so let us know what you think!
  3. Added average max feature in Track
    Simply tap the graph to see the average maximum contraction level for that session
  4. Mid-session goal adjustment in Train
    MVC goal setting not quite right, but you’re already in Train? No need to start your session over – simply pause, adjust, and your session will pick back up at the relax segment of the previous rep; any changes to goal are reflected in Track
  5. Neuromuscular Deficit Test
    We’ve tightened up the measurement parameters on this built-in protocol, and things are sitting pretty. This is a great way to measure progress towards symmetry as your patients recover, keeping them motivated and informed and giving you an objective measure of neuromuscular control. Stay tuned for a publication of normative standards in the coming weeks!

We get better at serving our partners in innovation with every piece of feedback, and we welcome your expertise – so if you’ve got thoughts about these updates or others you’d like to see, please let us know!

Happy app-ing from mTrigger

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