App Release Updates: May 2021

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Read on for details on the new features you’ll see in mTrigger’s March 2021 update



Training Data Optimization

What you’ll see: New signal processing improves system accuracy

Where you’ll see it: Train, Neuromuscular Deficit Test
Game updates coming soon

The details: New firmware and software signal processing techniques output true microvolt data for greater accuracy & improved feedback. Real-time feedback data will be more responsive, and you will see improved accuracy of tracked data over time. Depending on the settings you have been using, you may see changes in the displayed numbers, but this is all to bring you better quality! You’ll also see improvements to the Average MVC calculation reported in Track and the Neuromuscular Deficit Test.


Device Calibration

What you’ll see: Your device needs 30 seconds to calibrate before displaying data

Where you’ll see it: A new screen after you connect to Bluetooth

The details: A built-in timer will begin when you connect your device over Bluetooth, and let you know when your device is properly set up to display accurate data (about 30 seconds). Connect Bluetooth first, then place electrodes and adjust Settings. This new timer screen gives you access to basic settings as well as resources while you wait! Once you’re in the habit of connecting Bluetooth before setting up electrodes (if you aren’t already), this time will breeze by.


Battery Status

What you’ll see: Battery charge level is visible with newer models of the mTrigger device

Where you’ll see it: Connecting to Bluetooth, Settings

The details: If you have a serial number on your mTrigger device beginning with M6, you can now see the charge level of your mTrigger device in the app. Check for the battery icon when you connect, or check the charge level any time by scrolling to the bottom of the Settings page. You will be prompted to charge your unit when you reach low battery levels.


Training & Resources

What you’ll see: Linked resources on tips, best practices, and FAQs

Where you’ll see it: Settings

The details: Get info on electrode placements, watch training videos, and learn about best practices for using your mTrigger system right inside the mTrigger app. Scroll to the bottom of the Settings page any time to access.



Improved averaging accuracy

What you’ll see: Slight changes to historic averaging data

Where you’ll see it: MVC Setup, Track, and the Neuromuscular Deficit Test

The details: Updated formulas more accurately calculate sustained average contraction to inform MVC Setup, Track metrics, and the Neuromuscular Deficit Test


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