You will need a mobile device (phone or tablet) to use the mTrigger Biofeedback System. Other than that, your bundle includes the accessories you will need.

sEMG stands for surface electromyography. Surface indicates that the sensors are placed on, not into, the skin; in the mTrigger Biofeedback System, we use self-adhesive custom sensing electrodes. Electromyography is a process which reads the electrical activity produced in skeletal muscles during muscle movements/contractions by detecting the electric potential in muscles. This informs the signal we display and interact with in our mobile interface. See our Science section (About) or visit our Resources links (Getting Started) for more information.

See our Getting Started page for an introductory video as well as setup resources to get yourself acquainted with our system. The real beauty of biofeedback – beyond ease of use – is its versatility. We can start you off with basic protocols for things like post-op treatment of knee replacements, rotator cuff tears, and ACL reconstructions – but the sky is the limit! We want to see what you can do, so don’t hesitate to reach out with application questions or ideas.

Post-operative joint rehab applications help patients see their early voluntary contractions. mTrigger can also be used to monitor two muscle channels during therapeutic exercise, allowing for bilateral assessments, compensation analysis, and co-contraction monitoring. For example, a therapist may want to ensure the right balance of activation in lower vs. upper traps during rotator cuff rehab, or ensure that a patient is being mindful of the use of their hamstrings or gluts during knee extensions post-TKA.

mTrigger is also used with other tools and modalities like blood flow restriction (BFR), resistance training (e.g. with TheraBand), and relaxation training. mTrigger can be used for general physical therapy, orthopedics, sports rehabilitation, strength training, and pelvic floor – just to name a few!

In name, we have created a system that uses voluntary muscle contractions to trigger a motivating and mobile biofeedback solution.
At our core, we stand for providing engaging tools that enable better outcomes, empowering patients and providers, and a commitment to innovation.

Unfortunately, at this time, mTrigger is unable to offer shipping outside the United States. If you are located outside the US and want to let us know you are interested in purchasing, please let us know HERE so that as we grow we can understand our international demand and add the necessary support to offer our product to you in the future!


Search for mTrigger Biofeedback on either the Apple App Store (for Apple/iOS devices) or Google Play Store (for Android devices).

We don’t recommend it! The mTrigger electrodes and electrode connector cables are custom for the mTrigger system, with a special connector and features that are designed to improve signal transmission. Use of unauthorized electrodes or electrode cables not specified or sold for use with the system may result in ineffective signal transmission or cause damage to the system.

If you need smaller electrodes for a specific patient or application, the electrodes can be cut down to the appropriate size and perform as intended so long as the central plate is not damaged.

Absolutely – Bill time during sessions via neuromuscular re-education (CPT: 97112) or therapeutic exercise (CPT: 97110).

The units hold battery well and can be used for a few days without charge. All units accept micro-USB charging and the LED behind the logo will turn green to indicate a full charge. Recommended charging frequency is once per week; do not charge overnight.

We don’t recommend using the unit while it is actively charging due to the fact that charging can impact the electrical signal displayed in the interface.
Don’t panic – if you haven’t seen any changes in performance, it is most likely that a non-electrical component has come loose inside the enclosure. This can sometimes happen if the unit is dropped repeatedly, but mTrigger units are designed such that this type of mechanical damage will not impact system performance. Please contact us to determine whether the damage incurred falls under your warranty.

First, please ensure that your unit is not resting on another electronic device or conductive surface. Due to the circuitry inside the mTrigger, some electrical noise can make its way into the system and impact the displayed signal. While this will not damage the system, it could impact the signal displayed in the app interface. Remove the device from contact with other electronic devices during use to get the best signal. If signal seems hyper-responsive or unresponsive, please force close the mTrigger app and reconnect your device.

sEMG is inherently somewhat noisey, and some signal fluctuation is expected. However, if you are seeing signals displayed that consistently do not seem responsive/appropriate to activity, please contact us and have your invoice and serial numbers on hand. We will do what we can to assess the issue remotely and determine appropriate next steps.


You can download the app for free, but you won’t be able to access most modules without having connected to an mTrigger unit. See the screenshots provided on the app store(s) for views of the app, or contact us with specific questions.

Additionally, feel free to download our setup resources, available on our Getting Started page.

Yes, we do offer a 2-week demo option for a $25 fee. You will be sent an Individual Unit kit and you will have two weeks from delivery date to use the unit and determine if it is a good fit for your practice. During this time, our support staff will be available to answer any questions you may have and help you get the ball rolling. After the two-week assessment period, you will be asked to make a purchase decision. A representative will reach out to assist you with your purchase or return. If we are unable to contact you within 30 days of your demo close date, you will be charged for the unit.

PLEASE NOTE: We will be discontinuing the demo option as of January 31, 2019. Purchases as of February 1, 2019 will offer a 30-day money back guarantee.